Schedule your Facebook Posts

Easily schedule your Facebook Status Updates, Links and Photos across multiple Page,
Groups and Events that you Administer. You can also Post right away.
Save time, drive traffic, focus on your business.

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The FIRST and ONLY App

That lets you schedule even Photo Albums, Videos and Offers.
Did you know that Photo Albums, Videos and Offers perform better than any other type of posts?

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Upload Videos From URLs

Found a video on the Internet that you want to upload to Facebook?
No need for you to download it to your computer first. All you need is the Video URL and Publer Aurum.
Currently supporting YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Vine, Instagram and native Videos.

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Built-in Emoji Picker

Easily add emojis to your posts using Publer's Buit-in Emoji Picker.
No more copy-pasting emojis. No more virtual keyboards. No more browser extensions. No more memorizing shortcuts.

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AutoShare Posts

Post something in one place, automatically share it everywhere on Facebook.

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AutoDelete Posts

Ever wanted to Post something on Facebook only for a short period of time?
You can now tell Publer to automatically delete individual posts
after a certain amount of time you select.

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Integrated with Bitly

Bitly is the Worldwide leading tool for shortening and tracking urls. Hook up Publer with your Bitly account and all the URLs in your posts (including those on Status Updates and Photo Descriptions) will be automatically shortened. You can then log into Bitly and track your clicks.

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You would like one specific post to be published the next two Mondays, or twice a week?
With Publer you can easily set up Posts to be published at the times and days you select
whether that's for every week, for one, two or more weeks.

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Why Publer?

If one of the following describes you ...

You have to sleep and you can't keep your Facebook Page(s) active?

The internet is down and you can't keep your Fans up to date?

You're on a vacation and your Page is losing its popularity?

You're just simply tired of staying on Facebook?

... then it's time to ask Publer for help!
He's a Superhero! He doesn't need vacations, rest or internet!


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