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What are Call-To-Action Buttons for Facebook Videos

Feb 17th, 2016 Facebook


A Call-To-Action (CTA) is a button that will appear at the end of the Video and a great way to engage your viewers. They're a call for your viewer to take a certain action after watching the Video. It could be anything from a call to like your Page to a call to visit your website, make a purchase, or anything in between.



In simpler words a CTA is a linkable/clickable text that will appear at the end of the Video (as shown above). You can see the example above in action by clicking here (you can skip to the end of the video).


Being positioned at the center of the Video, it is a great incentive for viewers, not simply notice it, but also click it. The only downside of CTA buttons is that they appear only at the end of the Video. So if you're trying to get some traffic from your Facebook Videos, we recommend that you also include a link either in the Video content itself or in the description of your Post.


Can I Add Call-To-Action buttons to Videos posted via Publer 


Definitely! Even though CTA buttons are optional, we highly encourage them. Keep in mind that Call-To-Action buttons are only for Videos posted by Pages. So if you're posting/scheduling a Video for your Profile, Group or Event, don't bother adding a CTA. You can, but it will be ignored by Facebook and viewers won't be able to see it.



How To add Call-To-Action Buttons to Videos using Publer 


After you have selected the Video you want to upload and entered its details (Title, Description, Category), you can select a Call-To-Action button. You can choose one of the six thirteen CTA types that Facebook supports: Shop Now, Book Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Download, Watch More or any of the new seven buttons described at the end of the article.


They all have the same purpose: asking the viewer to take an action, but the way they appeal (icon & text) is different as you can see below. So when choosing a CTA type, choose one that is relevant to the Video that you're posting.



After deciding which CTA type to use you need to a provide a link where the viewers will be taken if they click the CTA button. That link can be anything. It can a link to a Sales Page or to a resource or to your Facebook Page or even to a longer version of your Video, so keep that in mind and keep your Call to Action button relevant.


You can also choose to add a Caption along with the link. The Caption will be displayed below the CTA type when the CTA button is shown. If you don't provide a Caption, only the CTA type will be displayed as shown below. In the first case we entered "Videos & Photos" as the Caption and in the second case we left it blank. In both cases viewers can click it and they will taken to the URL you provided.



It is recommended you add a caption, so the user knows what to expect when following the CTA link. You can always use the link as the caption. This way the user will see both the CTA text and the CTA link before perfoming any actions.


That's it. You can either Schedule/Post your Video and your Call-To-Action button will be there.



Update: (April 8th 2016)


We have added 7 new CTA buttons you can pick from: Install App, Use App, Play Game, Get Offer, Buy Now, Buy Tickets and Order Now. Even though you can't pick these CTA buttons from Facebook's UI, Facebook supports them and you can pick them only with Publer. The icon for these new buttons is the same. It is the icon displayed when using the Learn More CTA button (the one that looks like a globe).

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions