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Enable App for Trains

Apr 19th, 2017 Howto, Facebook


1. Authorize the Instagram App


First, you need to give Instagram permission to the list of groups you're a member of.

Click here and if asked, accept the popup as shown below. You should end up on Instagram's "Page Not Found" website, no worries.




2. Copy the Access Token


Once you have authorized the Instagram App and landed on Instagram's website, copy the whole URL from the address bar as shown below. If you're using Safari, make sure you click on the address bar first before selecting and copying the URL.




3. Pass the Access Token to Publer


Go back to Publer and paste the URL you just copied where it says "Paste URL here" and click "Save". We will validate it and if everything looks alright, Publer will reload in 5 seconds, otherwise it will tell you what's wrong.




4. Start Train Sharing


Once Publer reloads, go ahead and start importing links from Trains.


Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions