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Bulk Scheduling

Nov 17th, 2016 Superpower, Howto, Facebook, Announcement


How do you schedule your Facebook posts? Do you create one post, schedule it, create the next post, schedule it and so on? What if we told you that instead of scheduling your posts one by one, you can schedule them all (up to 1,000 posts) at once.



You heard it right! Let’s start with a simple scenario. You have 5 posts (a status update, a link and 3 photos) that you would like to be published tomorrow in one of your Pages. Instead of creating them one by one, you can create all of them at once and set their scheduled time from the same spot using the multi-post form.



The Multi-Post Form


The multi-post form is the core of bulk scheduling. This is were all your posts will be loaded. Once you select a Social Account, click the "Bulk Tab". Scroll down to the multi-post form and click "Add Post". Once you've created your posts and set their times, click "Bulk Schedule" as shown below.


That was it. The 5 posts were successfully scheduled at the times specified for each post. No need to go through multiple popups or multiple page reloads. Being able to change the order of the posts and seeing them in one place should play a huge role in visualizing your day ahead.


Did you notice how the time field was optional?

Here’s where Publer’s bulk scheduling starts getting better (as if this wasn’t enough already). You can AutoSchedule in Bulk!



If you have already set the predefined time slots for your Page (as shown above), you don’t have to set the times for your posts when bulk scheduling. Publer will automatically find the nearest available time slot for each post in the multi-post form. You can also label each post to make AutoScheduling even more precise. If on the other hand you do set the time for a post, it will take precedence over AutoScheduling. That post will be scheduled at the time you specified.


Pretty cool huh? Wait, there’s even more! In order to make it easier for you to create posts we have added three tools that will make your admin life much easier. We will explain each one in more details below. You can keep using these tools over and over again in order to populate the multi-post form.



Using a CSV File


Instead of manually creating your posts, you can import them using a CSV file instead.


Each row of the spreadsheet is a post. It can be a Status Update, a Link or a Photo from an external URL depending on the columns you fill in. Speaking of the columns, the CSV file you're creating needs to have 5 columns.

  • The first column is the date you want your post to be published at. The preferred time format is yyy/mm/dd hh:mm (24 hour military time), but other formats should work too. You can always leave this column blank and select the date after the post has been loaded into Publer or even rely on AutoScheduling.

  • The second column is the message / caption / description of the post. This column is required if your post is a status update.

  • The third column is the URL of a link if you want your post to be a link.

  • The fourth column is the external URL of an image if you want your post to be a photo. If you specify both a link and an Image URL, the Image URL field will be ignored, and your post will be a link.

  • The fifth column is the label of your post that is used if/when AutoScheduling in Bulk.



Keep in mind that your CSV file must have the column names (Date, Message, Link, Image URL, Label) otherwise it won't work. To make it easier for you, we have a created a Template with only the column names. You can simply download the Template, fill it with your posts using Excel (without changing/removing the column names) and upload it back to Publer.


If you don't like Excel, you can also use Google Docs. Take a look at this working example. Simply make a copy of the Google Spreadsheet. Fill in your posts (without chaging/removing the column names) and save it as a CSV.



Train Sharing


This is a concept that was introduced to us by Sandy Mendola and we thank her for that (submit your idea here). Train Sharing is basically Page Admins helping each other grow their Facebook Pages. You share my Page, I share yours kind of a thing. In the share for share (S4S) groups, users create posts that they call Trains. In each post (train), admins leave as a comment the link to their Page. All the users then agree to share on their Page each link from that Train.


Publer now makes it very easy to load the links from a Train. You don't have to copy, paste and manually schedule each link one by one. You can basically select the S4S group, find the Train and Publer will load all the links from the selected Train in the multi-post form as shown below.


Once the links have been loaded, you can then edit or even delete the ones you don't want. You can set a fixed date for each post, or you can let Publer AutoSchedule them, assuming if have set the predefined time slots for the selected Social Account.



Multi-Pic Uploader


Suppose you have 3 (or more) individual photos that you would like to get published tomorrow at different times, or over the next 3 days. Instead of loading each photo one by one, you can use the multi-pic uploader. You can either upload them from your computer or from external URLs. The photos will be loaded to the multi-post form. Once again you can change their order by dragging and dropping, add a caption or set a time for each photo. In the following example the selected Social Account was configured to have a predefined time slot for each day of the week at 8 AM.


BAM! The 3 photos were AutoScheduled in bulk. The first photo was scheduled for tomorrow at 8 AM. The second photo was scheduled for the day after tomorrow at 8 AM and so on. All this took less than a minute.




Does This Come With The Free Version

One good news and one bad news. The bad news is that unfortunately this does not come for free (you can still try it for free up to 5 times). The good news is that it comes with the cheapest paid version, Publer Argentum. Only $9.99/month and you can bulk schedule all you want. 


If I Don't Specify The Time, How Does Publer Know When To Schedule My Post

First, he finds the nearest time slot (if any) from the current time based on the configuration you provided (type of post and/or label). Then he checks if there are any scheduled posts at that time. For Pages, Publer will look for a scheduled post by any of the Admins that use Publer. For Profiles, Groups and Events, Publer will look for a scheduled post by you. There are times when different admins may want to post something to the same Group/Event at the same time. If there is something already scheduled at that time, Publer will use the next time slot. Again, he will check if there's already a scheduled post at that time. If so, he will use the next time slot and so on until he finds a time slot that has no scheduled posts and that has not exceeded the daily post limit.


Does It Work With AutoSharing

Currently no. But you always have the option to AutoShare individual scheduled posts. This way you can schedule in bulk and then set AutoShares for each scheduled post.


What About AutoDelete

The AutoDelete option will be applied to each post in the multi-post form. So if you set the AutoDelete to after 1 day, each post that was scheduled in bulk will be automatically deleted 24 hours after is was published.


Why Can't I Schedule Albums and Videos in Bulk

We're currently supporting Status updates, Links and individual Photos. Videos and especially Photo Albums are more complex. If you really need us to support them, submit a request here.


Why Can't I Costumize Links

Publer will use the default Link title, description, caption and thumbnail when posting them to Facebook. Once you bulk schedule, you can always go to your scheduled posts and edit the link details.


Why Can't I Select Multiple Accounts When Scheduling In Bulk

Because each Social Account has its own predefined time slots and labels, it would really cause Publer a headache. No worries. Once you're done bulk scheduling for an Account, you can select another one without having to re-create your posts.



If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions