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Bulk Scheduling

Jun 9th, 2016 Superpower, Facebook, Announcement


How do you schedule your Facebook posts? Do you create one post, schedule it, create the next post, schedule it and so on? What if we told you that instead of scheduling your posts one by one, you can schedule all of them at once.



You heard it right! Let’s start with a simple scenario. I have 5 posts (a status update, 1 link and 3 photos) that I would like to be published tomorrow in one of my Pages. Instead of creating them one by one, I will create all of them and set their scheduled time all at once, from the same workplace as shown below.


That was it. My 5 posts were successfully scheduled at the times I specified for each post. I didn’t have to go through multiple popups or multiple page reloads. Being able to change the order of the posts and seeing them in one place definitely played a huge role in visualizing my day ahead.


Did you notice how the time field was optional? Here’s where Publer’s bulk scheduling starts getting better (as if this wasn’t enough already). You can AutoSchedule in Bulk!



If you have already set the predefined time slots for your Page (as shown above), you don’t have to set the times for your posts when bulk scheduling. Publer will automatically find the nearest available time slot for each post in the multi-post form. You can also label each post to make AutoScheduling even more precise. If on the other hand you do set the time for a post, it will take precedence over AutoScheduling. That post will be scheduled at the time you specified.


Pretty cool huh? Wait, there’s more! In order to make it easier for you to create posts we have added three tools that will make your life even easier. We will explain each one in more details below. You can keep using these tools over and over in order to populate the multi-post form. You can load/create up to 1,000 posts at a time. Importing posts from a CSV file and train sharing are coming very soon.



Multi-Pic Uploader


Suppose you have 3 (or more) individual photos that you would like to get published tomorrow at different times, or over the next 3 days. Instead of loading each photo one by one, you can use the multi-pic uploader to load the photos. You can either upload multiple photos from your computer or from external URLs. Once again you can change their order by dragging and dropping, add a caption or set a time for each photo. In the following example I’ve told Publer (prior) to have 1 photo posted each day at 8 AM.


As you can see, my 3 photos were AutoScheduled in bulk. The first photo was scheduled for tomorrow at 8 AM. My second photo was scheduled for the day after tomorrow at 8 AM and so on. I did all this in less than a minute.


Does This Come With The Free Version

One good news and one bad news. The bad news is that unfortunately this does not come for free. The good news is that it comes with the cheapest paid version, Publer Argentum. Only $9.99/month and you can bulk schedule all you want. 


If I Don't Specify The Time, How Does Publer Find When To Schedule My Post

First, he finds the nearest time slot (if any) from the current time based on the configuration you provided (type of post and/or label). Then he checks if there are any scheduled posts at that time. For Pages, Publer will look for a scheduled post by any of the Admins that use Publer. For Profiles, Groups and Events, Publer will look for a scheduled post by you. There are times when different admins may want to post something to the same Group/Event at the same time. If there is something already scheduled at that time, Publer will use the next time slot. Again, he will check if there's already a scheduled post at that time. If so, he will use the next time slot and so on until he finds a time slot that has no scheduled posts and that has not exceeded the daily post limit.


Does It Work With AutoSharing

Currently no. But we will soon add the option to AutoShare individual scheduled posts. This way you will be able to schedule in bulk and then start AutoSharing each scheduled post.


If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below




Other Updates From This Release


  • Uploading multiple photos at once (for Photo Albums) is now much faster
    • If it is still slow for you, make sure your photos are not larger than 2 MB. You don't need high quality photos for Facebook. Most images on Facebook are only 500 KB. To save time change your camera settings so that your photos won't end up being huge.

  • Bug fixes

  • Posting limits have been updated to further accommodate your needs and further protect Publer from spammers

  • To protect you from double posting (posting/scheduling two posts at the same time), we now let you know if there's another post scheduled at the time you selected, unless you're posting albums to groups at the same time. 

    NOTE: For Pages, we will check for existing scheduled posts at the selected time by all admins using Publer. For Profiles, Groups and Events, we will check for existing scheduled posts only by you. There are times when different admins may want to post something to the same Group/Event at the same time.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions