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Automatically watermark your Facebook Photos

Dec 30th, 2016 Superpower, Howto, Facebook, Announcement


The great thing about Facebook is that you can upload your work and share it with people around the World for very little cost. However, people, including your competitors, can illegally download, copy and even use your work without your permission. This is why it is very important to protect the images you put on Facebook, or even on the Internet.


While you can always take legal actions, the easiest and fastest way to protect your digital work is by watermarking them. Watermarks discourage the illegal use of creative material without the permission of its creator. They are usually a logo, stamp or signature placed over the image without covering or interrupting it. That is why watermarks are usually placed in the corner of the photo. Sometimes they're also transparent.



Besides protecting your work, watermarks also help your grow your brand awareness. Users will connect the watermark with your company, and as soon as they see an image with your logo, they will immediately think of your brand. If people still decide to illegally use your watermarked work, they will be doing you more good than harm. At the end of the day, they will simply be advertising your brand for free.



How To Automatically Watermark Your Facebook Photos Using Publer


There are plenty of softwares out there, both online and downloadable, that help you watermark your photos, but if you think about it, that's just an extra non-necessarily step you need to take. Not a lot of us have the time to do that, but no worries. Publer is here to eliminate that intermediary step!

You can now tell Publer to automatically watermark every single photo you post to Facebook! No Photoshop skills required!



Creating Watermarks 


First you need to setup the watermarks for each Social Account in your dashboard. To do so, click the ✏️ icon of the Social Account you're working on. You can create up to 10 watermarks for each Social Account.


This will help you choose the perfect watermark in just a click at any time (some watermarks look good on some Photos and some don't)


For each Watermark you need to upload a Logo (PNG file), provide a name and set the default opacity and position.



When selecting what watermark to use for your photos, you will be choosing one from a list of names, so use names you can easily remember. If you want a watermark to be used automatically on each photo without you having to manually select one, simply check the checkbox "Default Watermark for this Account".  



Using Watermarks


Besides being able to select the Album in which the Photo(s) should go to, you will now see an option to use any of the saved watermarks. You can also make any last minute changes to the default settings (position & opacity) or even preview your watermarked Photo before scheduling or posting it as shown below.


As you noticed, you can select multiple Accounts and add a [different] watermark for each Account without having to do it one by one. Watermarks can be added to individual photos as well as to multi-photo posts, albums and photos uploaded in bulk.


This is a brand new Superpower so there's definitely room for improvements. Feel free to submit any suggestions you may have. Coming next: Watermarking Videos!



What About The Size Of The Watermarks

The size of you watermark depends on the size of the photo the watermark is being used on. The larger the photo, the larger the watermark. A lot of math is being done in the backend so that your watermark will always cover the perfect percentage of your photo. This is why we don't ask you to specify the size. Publer takes care of it.


Does This Come With The Free Version

One good news and one bad news. The bad news is that this does not come for free (you can still try it for free). The good news is that it comes with the cheapest paid version, Publer Argentum. Only $9.99/month and you can automatically watermark all your Facebook photos as well as schedule in bulk



Other Updates From This Release


  • Ability to choose the default buttons! For example, if you mainly use the AutoSchedule button, you can set it as the default button and the Schedule button will be the one in the dropdown menu. All you need to do is simply click the ↕ in the dropdown menu as shown below:

  • You can now pre-label your posts when importing them from a CSV file. CSV files now have a fifth column called Label, which is of course optional. The value from this column will be used when AutoScheduling in Bulk.

  • Speaking of Bulk Scheduling, you're now able to select the Album in which the Photos you've uploaded (if any) should go to. The default selected Album is Timeline Photos / the Wall.

  • Ability to AutoShare posts that have already been scheduled. When hovering over your scheduled posts in the Schedule Manager, besides the "Post Now" button you will now also see an "AutoShare" button as shown below. This is ideal if you prefer scheduling (especially Bulk Scheduling) your posts first and then setting up their AutoShares.

  • Bug fixes

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions